Get ready and get active

So, the State is telling us that homes along I-270 won’t be leveled in efforts to relieve rush hour traffic congestion. 

But there are no guarantees that property won’t be taken or neighborhoods disrupted by construction. In fact, MDOT estimates that as many as 1,500 properties could be affected by this highway project. (1)

Much is still undecided, and even more is at stake. 

Decisions and actions happening right now, in Annapolis and closer to home, will affect our communities -- our lives -- for decades to come. 

A lot of the action is behind the scenes. We have to dig for facts. Don’t Widen 270 is dedicated to doing just that. We will keep you informed and report developments while there is time to take meaningful action.  

Coming up: 

  • The State legislature’s next session starts on January 8. (Did you know they convene for only 90 days each year? In 2019, critical developments in the I-270/I-495 “P3” process came in a last-minute rush late in the session.)

  • The P3 process reaches a critical decision point this winter, when we find out the State’s “preferred alternative” for congestion relief on I-270/I-495. (Did you know that all six alternatives currently under consideration create toll lanes?) More public forums will follow in the spring.

This isn’t over. Not by a mile. 

Start acting by learning more about the plan to widen I-270:  

  • How can it affect Maryland’s fiscal health and environment?

  • Why will it not provide long-term traffic relief?

Then GET INVOLVED. Help shape the future for yourself, your kids, and your community. Sign up for DW270 e-mails, so we can let you know about new developments, upcoming events, and—importantly— how to participate as an advocate for thoughtful progress and genuine transparency in transportation planning.