Urge Delegate Barve to Support Legislation to Block Widening I-270

Governor Hogan is rushing ahead with an ill-conceived, wasteful and counter-productive $9-$11 billion plan to widen I-270 –putting homes, neighborhoods and businesses near the highway at risk of getting paved over.

A bill now before the legislature, HB 102, would forbid construction of new toll roads unless they are approved by a majority of the counties they pass through. This bill would give Montgomery County residents a real voice in transportation decisions that affect us and help us create a balanced transportation system that provides good transit alternatives to our ever-crowded highways.

Delegate Kumar Barve, who represents Rockville and Gaithersburg (District 17), is chairman of the Transportation and Environment Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates. HB 102 is coming before Del. Barve’s committee soon.

Click here to tell Delegate Barve you want him to support HB 102.

(Rockville or Gaithersburg - District 17 - residents only, please - we don’t want to send Delegate Barve names of people he doesn’t represent! If you want to urge your own legislators to support the bill, you can find out who represents you here.)