Chairman Kumar Barve: Protect our Homes - Support HB 102!

Most Montgomery and Prince George’s County voters oppose Governor Hogan’s proposal to add up to four toll lanes to I-270 and I-495, according to polling from the Washington Post and the University of Maryland. That $9-$11 billion plan threatens our homes and neighborhoods, but it won’t fix long-standing congestion problems. Studies show that building more lanes actually attracts more traffic in the long-run. Instead, we should invest the public’s money in real and long-lasting transportation solutions, including public transit options.

The Hogan administration has rushed the project without adequately informing or consulting local officials and the public, and has refused to stand behind its election-year promises that no homes will be taken. That’s why we need you to support HB 102, which would prohibit building new toll roads without the consent of a majority of the counties they would run through.

Delegate Barve, we are counting on you to make certain that no homes or neighborhoods will be paved over in order to widen I-270. Please let me know if you will support and vote for HB 102.


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