My name is Pete Altman. My family and I have lived in the Rockshire neighborhood for the last fifteen years. We have friends here, our kids go to school here, and we have been involved in the PTAs, scouting, stream clean-ups and keeping our neighborhood safe. Widening roads to reduce traffic doesn't work - new lanes just fill up again. We aren't going to allow our homes and neighborhoods to be torn apart for projects that won't fix congestion problems.

Since I launched in mid-August, it has rapidly growing into a community of neighbors working with neighbors. This is an all-volunteer effort to:

  • Stop Governor Hogan's proposal for widening I-270 and I-495;

  • Promote sustainable, lasting solutions; and

  • Defend our homes, neighborhoods and quality of life.

Together, we are:

  • Demanding Governor Hogan reject proposals that put our homes at risk;

  • Spreading the word door-to-door, through social media and the news;

  • Working with elected officials and other groups toward our goals.

We are building strength in numbers. Join us and help protect our homes and neighborhoods!